Frequently asked questions

How to apply vinyl decals:

1) Clean desired area of application with rubbing alcohol. DO NOT use window cleaner (windex) or other ammonia-based cleaners. The vinyl will not stick to the surface if you use windex.

2) Turn your design over and lay FACE DOWN. Slowly and carefully lift paper backing from sticky tape (typically blue or white in color) If any part of the graphic sticks to the backing lay that part back down & press it back to adhere to the transfer tape. Then start slowly peeling again.
3) Carefully apply your vinyl decal to freshly cleaned area, and working from the center out, use a squeegee/credit card to work out any air bubbles.
4) Slowly remove clear transfer tape at an angle.
5) Enjoy your new decal!

*Do not apply in direct sunlight, apply in the shade. Do not apply if the temperature outside is below 50 degrees, or over 90. High humidity will affect the vinyl sticking to the transfer tape.

***ATTENTION: If you ordered the design with the feather and birds, it is a VERY detailed design and will require more work than normal decals to remove it from the backing. Each bird and intricate letter of the words may require you to press, rub, press, rub as you slowly peel away the backing. In order to get it to stick to the tape. 

Custom and personalized orders:

Sure, send us a message with what you want and we'll send you a quote.

How long do vinyl decals last?

The material we use is actually designed to last 5 to 7 years outside.

Does my car decal go on the inside or outside of my window?

Our car decals are made to be put on the outside of your vehicle. Most cars these days come stock with tinted windows. Therefore, putting a car decal on the inside of a window would mean you couldn't see it from the outside. (White or other bright colors look best on tinted windows)

What color looks best on car windows?

White or bright/light colors look best especially if you have tinted windows.

What size decals fits best on a 5-gallon bucket?

8-10" depending on the style of your bucket. The bucket I have has the extra rim around it so i used a 9" for the one in the picture for the Welcome to our campsite listing. I have another bucket (bought from Walmart) without the second rim and a 10" fits good on it.

Which Cemeteries do you deliver to?

  • Cadillac Memorial West - Westland, MI
  • Glen Eden Memorial Park - Livonia, MI
  • Glenwood Cemetery - Wayne, MI
  • Knollwood Cemetery - Canton, MI
  • Mt. Hope Cemetery - Livonia, MI
  • Parkview Memorial Park - Livonia, MI
  • Westlawn Cemetery - Wayne‚ MI

When will my flowers be delivered to the cemetery?

All orders will be delivered within 3-5 business days and will include a confirmation email with a photograph.